A Tale of Two Cities


A Drunken Decision

Worse for wear in Smiley Tam's, three members of the Societus Stotius (a hobbyist group dedicated to re-enacting famous drinking episodes) decide to recreate the authentic ambience of Dundee student beer bingeing.

Our Destination: Dundee

Are you sure this is a good idea? Oh, well, onto the train and away we go.

Early on, and exciting news! Cheap pints on offer at University of Dundee students' union bars. Three pints (Carlsberg Export) for three pounds (bank unrecorded). Let's climb Dundee Law! Oh, no, we're not that drunk yet. The street of pubs outside Belmont Hall has been successfully located. Ah, a re-enactment of the famous 'let's visit Ninewells' occasion. The picture, murky as a pint of Murphy's, shows the original piece of pavement.
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Safely aboard the train home, Alan contemplates the transformation of Bally's into a Celtic pub. Tavis mislays his camera for a moment, and is reminded again of the word 'unphotogenic'. At least Janet looks happy, as the evening passes into folklore.

An Edinburgh Excursion

On the rails again, this time to Edinburgh. Short of film, but long in libations, the task is to navigate from pub to autoteller to pub, and find out how popular Alan is with his Edinburghian workmates.

The shape of things to come?
Hmmm. Things seem to be going well at this point. What happened next? Records are patchy, but harsh words, tears, missed trains, rowdy buses and sore heads are rumoured to feature.



Last updated: 18 October 2000