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360° wonderlands. Or something. Probably requires QuickTime.
Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt Beer Festival Anniversary Celebrations 2003
Beer, music, camaraderie. What happened to the belly dancers though?
They're no' oil paintings, but…
An assortment of animal images.
Ill-conceived vanity led to actual requests for this page to be published!
The Soaking of Davy
War is wet.
A Tale of Two Cities
From Dundee to Edinburgh.
Kid Pictures
Awww! Archive which may embarrass people when they're older.
Al's Pals, Gals and Animals
You thought we'd already scraped the bottom of the barrel. You thought wrong.
Through Hard Ways to the Bars
Since we last updated this website, video has been invented. Why? This tired tale of trudgery will not answer your question.

Last updated: 2004-09-06